Building Control FAQS

A. Cost will depend on the complexity and size of the proposed work but we will always attempt to be competitive with alternative service providers. You will be invoiced in two stages, approximately 1/3rd after plan assessment and the remaining fees after our first inspection. If works start before plans have been checked you will be invoiced the total fee at that time.

A. We charge an inclusive fee based on the works described and shown on plans, however if additional works are undertaken we would be pleased to include them in our appointment but this may be subject to additional charges which will be agreed with you.

A. Please contact the office to agree fees, once agreed download, complete and return a Project Detail Sheet with hard copies of design plans and engineers calculations to our Kings Hill Office. The sending of electronic files may be acceptable but should be agreed first. Please also see our guide for domestic applicants and standard terms and conditions on our website to make sure that you are aware of the extent of the service we provide and any limitations.

A. We will endeavour to assess plans within 15 working days and provide you or your agent with a list of additional information, contravening design or an approval.

A. We must issue our initial notice to the relevant council at least 5 working days before work starts. You may start work after this time but you are at risk of carrying out non-compliant work until your design has been checked. We cannot issue notices once works have started and you would need to use the councils building control services if that is the case.

A. We apply the same guidance and work to the same performance standards as other service providers. As an Approved Inspector company, we have been assessed as to our competency by the Construction Industry Council and are continually monitored by them as to our performance. We don’t work for the local authority but provide an alternative independent service, once you have appointed a service provider you should continue with them and we don’t accept projects where other service providers have been appointed.

A. We have a typical service agreement on our website for domestic works, the stages of inspection and how much notice we need to arrange your site visit. Visits must be arranged through our Kings Hill office and regretfully we cannot usually give timed appointments but we can arrange for the surveyor to call you before arrival. We will usually make site visits before 2pm and don’t work at weekends. We will attempt to contact you every month during construction to monitor progress until completion.

A. There is no timescale to complete the works until you occupy them however, once occupied, works must be completed and certified within 8 weeks. After this time we may be able to agree an additional 8 week extension of time, or we may have to revert the project to the council for them to take legal action in respect of any contravening works.

A. you will be notified in writing of any need to gain access or of serious contraventions and given 28 days to contact us and rectify the situation, if after this time you choose not to, or are unable to rectify problems we would have no choice but to revert your project to the council for legal action. Additionally, if you refuse, or are unable to pay fees, or grant access for inspections we would again revert your project to the council. Regretfully we don’t have the luxury to permit occupation of incomplete projects indefinitely and are not publicly funded in our operation.

A. Our initial notice will remain valid for three years from the date of issue, after which time it will be revoked and a new application will be required.

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